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Is Your intelLoc Copyright the
Same as a US Copyright?

Your Questions Answered in 04:38s

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Here’s a question we hear a lot, especially from our members in the US:
“Is my intelLoc copyright the same as a US copyright?”

First thing is, that should be “Is an intelLoc copyright registration the same as a US copyright registration?

The answer to that question is YES and NO.

Here’s the ‘yes part’ where your intelLoc copyright service and the US copyright service are similar: both record the copyright that YOU create with YOUR civil right under The Berne Convention For The Protection of Literary and Artistic Works.

The US Copyright office records your copyright in the US Library of Congress in Washington, and intelLoc records your copyright in Amazon’s ultra-secure S3 server databases which are located all over America and beyond.

The ‘No’ part would take me longer explain, but there are 2 main differences:- 1) intelLoc sends your copyright verification to you instantly, whereas the US copyright service takes about 10 months – you can make a baby quicker than that.

And 2) if you want to take somebody to court in the USA for copyright infringement, you need a USPTO registered copyright to present to the court. But is that a huge advantage?

Now bear in mind I’m not a lawyer, so this is no way legal advice, it’s just your information, ok?

The vast majority of copyright infringement cases never get to court for two main reasons: 1) Most copyright infringements are either done innocently and unintentionally – “I saw it on the Internet so I thought it was okay…” Or, where it’s done intentionally, most of those people are opportunists who think, “I’ll never get caught…”

In both these scenarios, usually just telling people that they’ve been found out, caught, that they’re breaking the law and showing them your LEGAL copyright certificate is enough to get them to stop. Or even send them C&D order, (which you can do with your intelLoc website by the way).

Now, if that doesn’t work, and your stuff is still being used by somebody else, here’s something that maybe you don’t know. Most copyright infringement cases STILL never get to court. Why? Because it’s easier, simpler and way quicker to settle out of court.

And because when you do go to court, generally, the only people who make real money are the lawyers. So what to do? Create your own copyright registrations or use the USPTO?

Me, well, sometimes, I’d use both – why? Well, intelLoc is instant. Click or tap and it’s done. How fast is the USPTO? Currently, 10 months.

So am I saying not to use the US copyright service? No, not at all.

If I had been fortunate enough to own the 'Grumpy Cat', (70m and counting) then I’d definitely use the US Copyright service as well as every other service I could find to protect my IP. If I could copyright it on Mars or on the planet Klingon, I’d copyright it there too.

So in other words, once anything I had copyrighted with intelLoc started earning real money, then yes, I probably would also us the US copyright service too – just in case.

One word of warning: people might say that it’s easy to use the US copyright service, you can do it yourself, and so on, but I don’t agree. In fact, I would actually use a lawyer to apply because if you get it wrong, you probably won’t know you’v e got it wrong for many months.

Something else you need to know: you can register a copyright with the USPTO anytime. So say you create your own, intelLoccopyright verification, today, if your copyright material hits the big time now or two years from now, you can still register that copyright with the USPTO in the future.

Hope that helps!

Norm Macleod,
Founder intelLoc