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So Just How Quickly Can You Copyright?

(Carmen Needs to Know!)

Transcript Below the Video

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I’m making this very quick video with my iPhone as you can see so I can get a reply out quickly to Carmen from New Mexico… Hola Carmen, como esta Vd? She’s worried about how long it takes the US copyright office to send her her copyright certificate, currently about 10 months to a year.

There’s a whole lot of confusion over this – I see it on Facebook, on forums and on websites..

Whether you use your intelLoc website or the the USPTO copyright recording service, it makes no difference to the date of your copyright. Because your copyright is created the very second you create your work, whether it’s a photo, a painting, a song, a T shirt design, a logo, a graphic design or a cartoon. That is your civil right if you live in the USA, Canada, Europe, or in any other the 171 countries that have signed the Berne Convention. That’s YOUR civil right.

So if I take this piece of paper, and a sharpie, and I’m a LOUSY artist, and I draw a design, like this, on THIS piece of paper – if I put that on a T-shirt, and it sells, (or not), then it’s MY copyright, that’s the copyright, and it’s key copyright right now, at 12:29 on the 20th June, 2016.

So THAT’S my copyright.

Now whether I want to register this with the US copyright office, today, I’ll probably get my registration document back in about a year from now. Whereas with intelLoc, I’ll get it back as fast as your computer or phone can send an email, and it looks like this, except it has YOUR name at the top there, not ‘intelLoc copyright’.

So in other words, THIS is the copyright – this is the registration or the recording of your copyright, that’s the difference. THIS is the copyright, and that copyright applies today.

So the date of copyrighting will be the day you create the work, so if you don’t receive your certificate for 10 months, that doesn’t mean to say it’s NOT copyrighted in that 10 months. It’s copyrighted NOW; it just takes 10 months to come back from the US Copyright Office.

Where intelLoc will help you is if somebody steals your copyright work tomorrow, you’ll have your copyright verification certificate in your hand, so you can prove immediately that your work WAS copyrighted and registered on your own intelLoc website when you created it.

And it gets better: because if you create something that’s really successful, you can still register it with the USPTO AFTER you created your civil right copyright with your intelLoc website.

So if you took a picture of your cute kitten 3 years ago, intelLoced it, and Hallmark want to use it for a Christmas card, you can still copyright it with the USPTO tomorrow even though your cute kitty’s turned into a mean, vicious, man-eating, scratching machine that now wants to rip your face off.

Okay, hope that helps, Carmen, the date you create your work is the copyright date, not when you receive your certificate.

Hey, if you haven’t created your intelLoc copyright verification website yet, why not? It’s free – you don’t need a credit card, no payment details, just go down below this video, click on the link below and give it a try.

Bye now!

¡Adios, Carmen!