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intelLoc User's Guide

As you're going to find, as a member of intelLoc, the system is about as easy to use as falling off a log. But much less painful…

There are a few 'Ground Rules' that you need to know, however.

You log into your intelLoc website by going to and hit the 'Members Login'' logo at the top right corner of the screen. Give it a click and type in your username and password. This places the computer you're working on in a shielded state and enables the CoIP™ encryption system.

Control Panel. Keep referring back to it as your main point of reference. Now you'll find yourself faced with just a few places to go. You'll find that you'll be using only maybe four of these regularly.


'Edit My Profile'

This is your personal stuff. Here's what it looks like.


Just your username, your name, your email address, your name or pseudonym ('pen name' if you use one), your country of residence. Normally you'll fill this in just the once.

However, some intelLoc members might want to register a copyright using a pseudonym or a pen-name. (For example, a songwriter may want to register a copyright with a collaborator or in the name of a band, or a male author might write women's interest books under a female name.)

Maybe there's more than one author, or a co-writer maybe. If that's the case, then you can register your copyright your work under any name you choose. So:-

  • If you want to register a copyright under your own name only, then insert your name in 'Copyright Claimant/Author' field and leave the 'Pseudonym' box blank.

  • If you want to register a copyright under another name, then insert the name you want to use in 'Copyright Claimant/Author' field and leave the 'Pseudonym' box blank.

  • If you want to register a copyright under your own name and that of a co-writer or co-writers, then insert your name in 'Copyright Claimant/Author' field and add the name of your co-author in the 'Co-author/Pseudonym' box. This will be added to the certificate. 

Above the button at the bottom you'll see 'Enable Publishing? Showcase is Disabled' . If you plan to send your showcase to third parties, for example, publishers, record labels, literary publishers, literary agents, management companies or use the showcase for other people to evaluate your work, then you have to change this to 'Enabled'. Do it with the 'Edit my Profile' button.

'Create New Project'

This page is not complicated. You have two fields where you can enter text. The first one is –

  • Enter the Title of this Project : Self-explanatory, really. Just fill in the title of the work you're going to work on. You have to do this only the very first time you create the project. If it's a book, or a picture, or song called 'I Love You', then that's the title.

  • Copy & Paste Your Material here : Simple enough too. This is called a 'Text Box' for a reason – text is all you can put in here – not digital files. (See below.) Either you can type it in directly, same as a normal word processor, or you can 'copy and paste' the material from either Notepad (PC) or TextEdit (Mac).

  • At the bottom of the page, you'll see a button that says 'Upload'. This is where you add an image or sound file, or a very large text file – whatever. You hit 'Browse' at the side, locate the file you want to include, then hit 'Upload'. Wait till it's loaded before closing this page! In fact, here' a tip – if it's a big file, maybe an MP3 for example, load that first – you can add the text while you're waiting. This can take a few minutes – the time depends of your computer and your Internet connection.

  • Save & Continue: This does exactly what it says on the can. It saves the work you've just input into the text box and keeps it safe till you decide to work on the project again. The material will now be stored in a folder called 'Edit Existing Projects' – because that's exactly what it is – an 'existing' project that you haven't copyrighted yet.

  • 'Return to Projects' takes you into 'Edit Existing Projects'.

  • 'CopyRight Now!' does exactly that. When you click this one, you will be asked 'Are you sure you want to register now?' All you have to do is put a tick in the check box and click the 'CopyRight Now!' button and that's it. Your copyright is sent to your copyright vault in and your copyright certificate will be winging its way back to you in an instant.

When you select 'CopyRight Now!', your material is instantly copyrighted,  registered and recorded in the intelLoc system. The record of the copyright will also appear in your intelLoc copyright vault. So –

My Copyright Vault

All the publications of your intelLoc copyrights are stored here. Hover  over the icon till you find the copyright you want to view or print out.

There's a tick-box too, that asks you 'Publish?'  This is to let you decide whether you want this work in your showcase. The reason is that sometimes you might record a better or amplified version of the same creative work. The reason this box is here is because you can't edit anything in your vault – this is part of the intelLoc security system. (More about that in a minute).

The certificate will open as a .pdf file. You can't edit these certificates – at least, that's the theory. The truth of the matter is that anyone with a working knowledge of a home computer could probably alter a certificate.

However, there are two important things to bear in mind: 1 – Anyone attempting to manipulate these certificates will be wasting a whole lot of time, because the original certificates are stored in intelLoc CoIP™ facility and a manipulated certificate will simply will not match with the certificate recorded in intelLoc's records.

And 2 – Anyone attempting to edit, manipulate or change even ONE detail on an intelLoc certificate will be prosecuted by intelLoc to the full extent of the local law. If that's your intention, and if you got this far into intelLoc with the Money-Back Guarantee… then go get your money back right now!

Your material is recorded into your intelLoc patent-pending CoIP™ facility. (COiP stands for Copyright over Internet Protocol.'). This is an independent, third party registry of YOUR copyright material, registered worldwide in 171 countries.

The date and the time (to the exact second) of your copyright is recorded using the GMT (London, UK) time zone. (This is because intelLoc protects you on a worldwide basis.) You can check your local time zone against GMT by looking here. 

At the same time, intelLoc generates your publication and copyright certificate and sends it to you by return email as a .pdf attachment. This certificate bears the project's unique intelLoc verification number. You now need to do TWO things:-

  • Print out a copy of your intelLoc certificate and store it in a safe place and –

  • Make sure that the intelLoc verification number is printed on any paper or digital copies of the work in question. (Best use 'Copy & Paste' to do this to ensure accuracy).

Remember – you can no longer edit this particular publication and copyright. It's carved in stone at this point and you can't change anything within that copyright – ever.

So what if you want to edit the material? It's yours, after all!

Easy, dead simple, piece of cake. You just open the intelLoc certificate in your vault, and copy the material you want to edit. Then go to 'Create New Project' and do just that, create a new project. Paste the material or create new material into your intelLoc text box, add or subtract whatever you want… and simply publish the copyright material again.

Now you have the original copyright AND the updated one. You're fully covered from the time and date you established the first publication and copyright, so you can even show that you've improved the original work!

If you're submitting the material you registered to (say) a publisher on paper, it's a good idea to include a printout of your intelLoc certificate as well as the work itself.

If you're submitting the material by e-mail or as a word-type document, include a copy of the certificate either within the document or as an attachment. (Make sure they accept attachments!)

At the very least, copy the intelLoc certificate number onto every page of your material.

For anyone or any company thinking about ripping you off, the very fact that you're a member of intelLoc and that you have taken the care and attention to ensure you have clear copyright will make them think twice.

*NOTE: Anyone attempting to intentionally use intelLoc to claim copyright of another person's work will have their account blocked and their membership terminated immediately.

Next we get to…

Edit Existing Project

Pretty straightforward. If you click on the icon, you'll see the title of the project appear. Just click and it opens the project and you can either edit what you've already done or copyright the material when you're finished.

My Showcase & Portfolio

This is cool. (Just my opinion –  judge for yourself!) You can place as many creative works here as you wish. And as I explained, you can remove them from the showcase too by un-ticking the 'Publish' box in your copyright vault.

What's cool about it is that you can send a link to your showcase by email. When the recipient opens your showcase, he/she can see the works you choose instantly.

If Your Material Gets Ripped Off

If you find that someone or some company has used your copyright material without your permission, the first thing to do is to send them a polite email.  It might be unintentional use. Point out that the material is yours and include a copy of your intelLoc copyright certificate.

If you get no response, in your intelLoc personal workspace you’ll see a button called ‘Serve Cease & Desist’. You fill in a few details and the offender will be served with a legal ‘Cease and Desist’ order. This lets the offender know that the theft has been discovered and that…


The intelLoc registrar sends the order directly to the email address you request and to you too. There is no charge for this. Generally, this will be sufficient to make the offender stop using or broadcasting your material.

If you still get no response, contact a lawyer in your territory. Normally, provided your claim is clearly evident, your lawyer or legal counsel will be able to reach an amicable agreement over compensation for this infringement.

If, however, your claim is disputed and further action is required, you can contact intelLoc and request a notarised copy of the intelLoc 'original recording document'. This will prove the existence of your copyright at the time and date you first registered your copyright.

As an intelLoc member, this service is free and part of your membership fees. (If you're in good standing). You only have to meet the cost of the notary's seal and FedEx delivery (if you require it) to the address you specify.

Contact admin(at) for this part of your membership.

If you have any problems or comments about your membership of intelLoc, I'd really like to hear about it!

Drop me a line at norm(at) and I'll get back to you! Great to have you on board!