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Text Upload Notes

You can upload an entire book into the text box: but it's not advisable, and here's why…

You have already created your copyright when you initially recorded the text, whether as a Word document, as an iWork Pages doc, on a legal pad, on the back of a postcard or on a post-it note.How to copyright, how do I copyright, how to copyright, song, music, book, books, songs, what is copyright, copyright symbol. theft, infringement

What you need to do is to upload just the first page, or a few paragraphs of your book, article, story, poem… whatever. Include the really important information, such as your name (D'OH!) a publisher if you have one, or an ISBN number – although this is not essential.

What IS essential is that you copy & paste your intelLoc Copyright Verification Number into any copies of your work that you print or send out in the future. You'll see that in the email that you get as soon as you hit that CopyRight Now! button.

Be sure to print out a paper copy of your Certificate and store it. Save a digital copy too, in your computer.