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Create Your Patent-Pending intelLoc
‘Cease and Desist Notice’

When you create your notice, you will send it to yourself by email. Then forward that email to the offending party who had infringed upon your copyright work. This serves two purposes: 1) you have a copy to retain and 2) the server that your email goes through will retain a copy of that letter, giving you evidence that YOU sent the mail when you said you did from YOUR computer of device. 

This creates a virtual ‘paper trail’ that can be followed.

We also recommend that you send a separate email with your intelLoc™ Copyright Certificate as an attachment.

But before you create your C&D Notice, read this – it’s VERY important!

Your copyright has been stolen. The person or company that has used your copyright material illegally must be ‘served’ with a legal warning. Here’s the important part…

You must have seen on TV shows or in the movies, a scene where somebody gets tricked into receiving a summons, a court order or writ, right into their hand? Perhaps with the words, “You have now been served…”?

There are two important things to understand here, prior to serving your Notice. 


You may or may not know that something like 82% of emails actually never get opened at all – so you need to grab the recipient’s attention by putting something compelling in the subject line of your email. 

We recommend you do not use words such as ‘Cease and desist your use of…’ or ‘Copyright infringement’ in the subject line. What you don’t want to do is to create fear in the recipient’s mind – you want them to be motivated to OPEN the mail because they then will see their name in BOLD PRINT within your cease and desist notice, immediately – they don’t even have to open an attachment.

It’s right there in the body of the email. So how to increase your chances of their opening that notice?

In your case, this shouldn’t be too difficult to do. 

Go to the place where you have seen your copyright material and study it. Is the person or company selling something? What are they doing with your material? Why are they using it? What is THEIR interest in using your material?

Example: if they are selling something online, on Amazon or eBay or Etsy, a physical product maybe, then simply mention the actual product in the subject line.

‘Your Amazon listing of baby wipes…’

‘Your eBay listing of LED torches…’

‘Your Etsy listing of bead patterns…

If a copyright image, photo or design has been taken, then refer to the website where you’ve seen it appear.
‘Your photograph on [website]…’

‘Your design on [website]…’

If it’s a piece of music, lyrics, rap, jingle, song, arrangement or poem:-

‘Your song / arrangement / lyrics / poem on [website]…’

Keep it short and end with 3 full stops ( an ‘ellipsis’) as this tends to encourage the recipient to want to know more…


The problem with any kind of letter or notice sent over the Internet is that there’s not much psychological impact in receiving an email. And the situation is similar with your C&D Notice.

That’s why this system is patent-pending: because the impact is in the fact that the recipient opens the mail and WHAM! The notice is right there, in front of their eyes. It’s a very effective and scary tactic and it will prompt action.

What to do if they don’t reply or continue using your material?

A reply is not actually essential, but it is definitely desirable and it’s worth pushing hard to get a reply, as their reply can be used in evidence.

What you want is to get them to stop using your copyrights immediately. If they don’t do either, then contact the website where you’ve seen the material being used and report them, sending a copy of your intelLoc™ Copyright Certificate and the C&D notice.

Date you are sending this notice:

Name of person, website or company using your copyright material:

Your own email address here:

Where you have seen your copyright infringed:
(Copy and paste the website URL or detail other location)

Name of Copyright Owner as shown on your inteLoc certificate:

The email address you want their reply to come to:

Title of your copyright work as shown on your intelLoc(TM) certificate:

intelLoc(TM) Copyright Verification Number:
(Copy and paste for accuracy)

Date and time of registration of your certificate:
(As detailed on your intelLoc(TM) Copyright Certificate)