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 Music Upload Notes

Upload your music in stages. DON'T try and do everything at once – if your Internet connection gets cut before you've 'saved', then you'll have to start over. (I speak from bitter experience!! VERY annoying…)

For example, first of all, put in the title of your work, and if there are lyrics or rap, load them in, then 'Save and Continue'.

Now you can load up your music.

DON'T try to upload .wav files!

DON'T try to load .wav files. .wav is a huge file, very high quality, and should only be used for your master recordings.
If you want to send them thru the 'net, they'll A) take ages and B) get spammed out or blocked because they're so huge.
Best to convert to mp3 which are a fraction of the size with little loss in quality. Perfect for demos or listening.
Also, at the 50 copyright level, your storage/ backup is limited to 500mb, giving you 10mb per song/tune. (The average song on an mp3 is about 5mb, so that's loads of room for 50 songs.)
But if you upload .wav files, you could hit your limit by 10 songs!