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Hi! It's me, Kate.

There are three ways you can now maintain your intelLoc website. And not just maintain your website…

  • You can now create and store unlimited intelLoc Copyright Verification Certificates  in Amazon's S3 server databases…
  • Keep all your copyrights together in your intelLoc Copyright Vault…
  • Send your songs, photos, designs, logos, poems, whatever, directly from your intelLoc Showcase and Portfolio with your intelLoc Copyright Verification Certificate included…
  • Send automatically-generated, legal 'Cease and Desist' letters directly from your website to copyright infringers…
  • And you can’t lose – because you get a full, no hassle, money-back guarantee included whichever way you choose!

Here are your options…

Two Yearly Membership $258.80 with 40% Discount – $157

24 month Subscription on This Option = $0.22c a Day

If you’re a ‘Serial Creator’ of copyright material, then put can save even more with our two year membership – that’s 40% discount for one payment of $157. Your intelLoc website will be hosted and maintained for just $6.54c per month for the next 2 years!

And again, you get our iron-clad, zero hassle, no risk, three HUNDRED days money-back guarantee.

***300 Day No Quibble***
Money-Back Guarantee Applies

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Yearly Membership $139.40 with 30% Discount – $97

12 month Subscription on This Option = $0.27c a Day

If your work is more of a long-term project, then you can save 30% by joining up with the yearly package at $97. That means your intelLoc website will be hosted and maintained for just $8.08c per month for the next 12 months.

And just to be sure you're 101% happy with your website, and in order to say 'Thanks!' for your confidence, we don't off a 30-day, money-back guarantee… we give you and unheard-of, three HUNDRED days money-back guarantee!

***300 Day No Quibble***
Money-Back Guarantee Applies

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Monthly $29.95 First Month, Only  $9.95 Each Extra Month

12 month Subscription on This Option = $0.38c a Day

If you’re working on one project with a definite end date, then the monthly package will suit you!

It’s $29.95 for the first month, and then it drops to $9.95 for every month after that. You’re under no obligation, so you can cancel anytime, or as soon as your project is completed.

***30 Day No Quibble***
Money-Back Guarantee Applies

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There's a lot more to intelLoc than just time-stamping and verifying your copyright materials.

With full membership, here's what else you get…

'Work In Progress' Your Copyright Materials

The very second you come up with an original photo, design, lyric, song, logo or graphic, you can instantly begin the process by accessing your intelLoc website and hitting the Create New Project button.

You can then save this project in your Work in Progress (formerly Edit Existing Project) file and continue working on it until you're ready to verify your copyright.

Unlimited Copyright Verifications

You're not limited to creating a fixed number of intelLoc Copyright Verification Certificates. Create as many works as you wish, and store them for as long as you're a member.

Your Website Hosted, Secured and Maintained

Your intelLoc Copyright Verification Website is fully hosted, secured and maintained 24/7 during your membership. 

Your Copyright Certificates Digitally Encrypted

Your intelLoc Copyright Verification Certificates are digitally encrypted so that only you can see them. Nobody in our team at intelLoc can read your certificates or access your website.

All Your Materials Stored by Amazon

Your intelLoc Copyright Verification Certificates are stored using Amazon's ultra-secure, S3 servers. intelLoc sends your copyright materials directly to Amazon's databases already encrypted, even though Amazon employs military-grade security protocols to protect both their servers and YOUR I.P. ('Intellectual Property').

Access All Your Copyrights in Your intelLoc Copyright Vault

All your past copyrights are permanently stored in your intelLoc Copyright Vault where only you can access them.

Send Your Copyright Materials Directly From Your Showcase

Whenever you need to send your materials across the Internet, you can send them directly from your website by activating the Showcase and Portfolio built into every copyright your register.

Your material can be then sent to whoever you choose to see or hear it with a simple link. Your intelLoc Copyright Verification Certificate is attached to your material.

Send Automatically-Generated Legal Notifications

As soon as you find your copyright materials have been stolen or compromised in any way, you can send a Cease and Desist legal warning to copyright infringers by filling in a short form and hitting one button.copyright infringement intelloc dashboard

Here are the ways you can join today.

There are three ways to join up and secure your website, and the Good News is…

They're ALL Totally, 100%, Risk Free.

You can either opt for the monthly membership of $29.95 for the first month, then $9.95 every month after, all inclusive of all the above features, with your 30-day, no questions asked, full money-back guarantee, or…

You can save 30% by choosing the annual subscription of $97. $8.08c per month

And with the annual subscription, you don't get just your 30 days, no-risk, full money-back guarantee…

You get 300 DAYS No-Risk, Full Money-Back Guarantee.

So if after 300 days or full use, if you’re not happy in any way, just ask for a refund and we’ll return all your money, no questions asked, no quibble, no hassle.

You can save 40% by choosing the two year subscription of $157. $6.54c per month.

300 DAYS No-Risk, Full Money-Back Guarantee.

So just scroll down to the bottom of the page now and hit the subscribe button of your choice!

By the way, to get instant access, you need to use the same email address on the Paypal page as you used to register your intelLoc website. If it’s a different email, you need to let us know and  we’ll get you going in 24 hours.


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