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Quick Start Guide

If you're pretty computer-savvy, you probably don't need to read this! In any event, you'll probably only have to look at this page once.

We promised you that intelLoc was simple;now you're about to find out just HOW simple! Take a couple of minutes now, read this through and you should be up and running in no time.

In your WorkSpace you'll find a few simple icons. The one you want to check first is –

Edit My Profile: This is where your personal details are stored and where you can change them.

The fields are:-

User Name: This is your registered username in the intelLoc. You can't change it, but you can change just about everything else.

Name your Website: You can change the name of your website to suit your needs, so it can be your name, or a company name, or a pseudonym.

Email: This is the email address that we have registered for you. If you change your email, or if you want your certificates sent to a different email address, you can change it.

Co-Author/Pseudonym: Some people prefer to use a pen name. Sometimes, bands want to copyright a song under their band name. If that's you, apply it here. Otherwise, it stays empty.

Country: This is your country of residence, or the country where you're resident. If your country is NOT a member of 'The Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works', it doesn't matter. Your work will be protected in the countries that ARE members, as your copyright is registered worldwide.

Enable Showcase: The default in your profile is set so that when you publish and copyright a work, it DOESN'T go straight to your showcase. So if you want other people to be able to view, examine or listen to your stuff on-line, put a tick in the box.

Check everything you've already decided on is ok. If not, hit 'Edit my Profile', make your changes and then hit 'Update intelLoc’.

Then go back to 'Control Panel' at the top of the panel.

Next –

'Create New Project'

Type in the name of the work in the first box. At the bottom, you can upload your .mp3, .jpeg or .gif files. DO NOT try to upload .pdf files because your website creates your copyright certificates as .pdf files and they're not compatible.

Add whatever text you need to register as your copyright either by typing them in or by Copy and Paste in the main text box. When you've finished editing this project, you have two choices:- if you click 'Save and Continue', your suite does just that. Or – click 'Copyright Now!', and you'll be asked to confirm.

If you 'Save and Continue', the work will be saved. Then click 'Return to Projects' and you'll find yourself in –

Edit Existing Project

This is stuff you're working on. You can access it and edit it here. When you're done editing and you're ready to publish, hit the button CopyRight Now! The system asks if you're sure you're ready to register your copyright. If you choose to register your copyright at this point, then your work goes to your – 'Copyright Vault'.

Once you've sent a work here, you can't edit it in any way. But don't panic – I'll tell you why in a minute…

You'll see all your registered copyrights lodged here.(There's a tick box too, so that if you want to take a work out of your showcase, you can.)

Why can't you edit these? Because the intelLoc facility stores these for you, securely, for a minimum of 5 years. If they could be edited, then we could not provide our members with documentary proof that these copyrights were actually registered with us at the date and time (down to the exact second) that is certified on your intelLoc certificate.

NB Because you're now registering and copyrighting your work worldwide, the time shown on your certificates is GMT!

So what if you want to modify a work that's already copyrighted? Easy – you simply register the work again. Then you get an updated certificate that will correspond with the original in terms of the title and content. But the NEW registration number is effective immediately. Double security, in other words!

'My Showcase & Portfolio'

And this, as you've guessed, is where your work lives and breathes! Once you've registered the copyright of your work, it goes here (provided you've ticked the 'Publish?' box in your copyright vault).

The really COOL part is that you can send the WHOLE showcase/portfolio by Email. All you have to do is copy the 'url' from the very top pane of the showcase page;it looks like this // – and simply paste it into an email. (We highlighted 'showcase' to make sure you paste in the right url – it won't look like that on your computer).

Send the email, the recipient opens it, clicks on the 'url' and Hey Presto!!! – that person is in your showcase! But they CAN'T see anything else, just your showcase.

THEN when they click on 'details…' of a work, they get to view your material online or if it's an audio or video file, they can listen to it or view it too. 'User Guide'…is an extended version of what you're reading now. If you experience any problems, check here first before getting in touch. The answer's probably there already. Any questions or problems, drop us a line at support(at)