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Did You Know That If You Load Up FIVE Things to the Internet… From Photos, Adverts, Designs or Logos to T-Shirts, Music, Art, Poems or Cartoons…

More Than TWO Will Be Copied and Used Illegally, Without Your Permission?

Now, in 2016, You Can At Last PROTECT Your Copyright Material Instantly, Online, On This Very Screen… Today!

100% Free Trial Available Now!

In 2008, a songwriter established, one of the Internet’s first, online copyrighting websites – after losing over $250,000 to a copyright thief.

But today, Copyright Theft is at absolutely epidemic proportions, not only in the Arts… but in online business too.


Amazon & T-Shirt Vendors Targeted


How to copy a photoQuite apart from writers, composers, designers and artists, online sellers on sites like Amazon, eBay and Etsy are being ripped off thousands of times every day.

Product images, designs and adverts are constantly being blatantly stolen by unscrupulous copyright thieves and cheats, using nothing more than 'Right click, copy, Paste'

And used to effectively kill off the sales of those creative entrepreneurs, who have spent hundreds of hours and hundreds (or thousands) of dollars trying to make a living online.



But did you know that you can use this very screen to
effectively protect your copyright work instantly?

Using a patent-pending, secure, encryption tool to employ an Internet protocol that you already HAVE in this very computer, you can instantly create an Internationally-recognized, intelLoc Copyright Verification Certificate that can be stored for you in Amazon's military-grade, S3 databases – and only YOU can access that copyright.


copyright infringement worldwide


And your intelLoc certification is valid in 171 countries including the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia & New Zealand, most of Asia and Africa too.

Sounds interesting, right? You can even try it today, totally FREE,
in just a few minutes from now!

Or maybe you're thinking, 'Sounds complicated and expensive…' but no, it's not complicated, and no, it's not expensive – unless $0.26 cents a day sounds expensive to you?

If you want to jump right in and try it live, now, we'd be delighted to have you along, but we need your permission to send you a very short video to reveal how it works… (or scan down to read more!)


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So How Does This Work?


This system is so drop-dead easy, quick and simple to use, here's a little sketch of how fast (as you're about to discover) you can protect your copyright materials in 171 countiries with a tap or a click!

Your intelLoc Copyright Verification Website will look like this, but with your name at the top:-


copyright infringement intelloc dashboard


To create a copyright, you just hit that button that says Create New Project and it takes you to here…

sketch dashboard


What happens next, after pressing the 'CopyRightNow!' button, is that your work will be formatted as your intelLoc Copyright Verification Certificate and this will be encoded with the exact second you created your copyright work.

The certificate, along with the material it contains, will be stored instantly online, in our secure servers. At the same time, your intelLoc Copyright Verification Certificate will be sent to the email inbox of your choosing.



NOTE: At intelLoc, we have no access to your website or your copyright material. Only YOU can access this material within your website, in your intelLoc Copyright Vault. (But you CAN send it to other people should you so wish).

We suggest you print this out and store it safely, and also store it offline in a jet drive.

There's more to being an intelLoc member than protecting your intellectual property, as you'll see, but to be frank, the fastest way to find out if our system helps fulfil your concerns about copyright theft, is just to simply try it out… free, today!

If you don't like it, we'll delete everything, and it hasn't cost you a dime!