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PAMELA 200Revealed: The Little-Known ‘Civil Right’ YOU Already Possess That Means You Can Copyright Online, Instantly, Using Just This Device… Today.

More than two out of every five of YOUR copyrights are being ripped off online: now you can auto-copyright-protect them BEFORE you upload to the Internet.


In March, 1989, the United States joined 170 other countries as a member nation of The Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Workscopyright online, berne convention


This law, (which is one of YOUR 'Civil Rights'), states that as soon as you copyright your song, photo, book, poem, advert, musical composition, design or pattern in the USA, it is ALSO copyrighted, automatically, in the other 170 countries at the same time.


Yes, that means that if you're in the USA, it's copyrighted in the UK, and if you're in the UK, it's copyrighted in the USA and every other Berne Convention country etc., etc.


And you can do that by simply recording your work on anything from a sheet if paper to a digital file on a computer.


copyright a song, a blog, a book, a photo, a painting, design or on papaer


The instant you ‘record it in a tangible form’,
then it’s YOUR copyright.


But there’s a catch… you need to be able to PROVE that A) you actually recorded that copyright and B) you need solid evidence of WHEN you created it.


And now you can, using just this device and intelLoc’s Patent-Pending ‘Copyright over Internet Protocol’ digital date-stamping, online technology.


For a Limited Time, you can even take a 100% FREE ‘Test Drive’ of the entire intelLoc system – the same as one of our fully paid-up members – but no credit card or payment details are required.copyright online instantly


Here’s how it works… when you sign up, intelLoc will create your own, password-protected, Copyright Verification Website. Only you can access it.


Every time you want to record a copyright, you simply ‘Create a New Project’ and once your material is loaded up into your website, you hit the ‘CopyRight Now!’ button.


intelLoc records the specific time and date that you recorded your copyright, down to the exact second.


Once your website is secured, up and running, it's down to 2 basic steps…


copyright online in 2 steps


You receive your intelLoc Copyright Verification Certificate by email, and your valuable material is stored in Amazon’s ultra-secure, S3 server databases.




NOTE: intelLoc has no access to your copyrights as they are loaded directly into Amazon’s servers with no human interface. Only YOU can access your material on your website.

Should you lose or forget your password, our support team will assist you with that, but we cannot access your materials once stored in Amazon's databases.


Uploaded and digitally date-stamped files are now widely accepted as trackable, legal evidence in courts worldwide.


Your intelLoc copyright verification certificates are legal proof that not only did you create your song, photo, book, poem, advert, musical composition, design or pattern, but the exact second you registered that copyright.


Now for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, we are offering a 100% Free Trial and WAIVING the usual $100 Membership and Licensing Fee.


This is genuine, 'First Come, First Served' offer. You can try the entire system, create your website, register your copyrights, download your certificates… nothing held back.


WARNING: We cannot guarantee this offer will be here the next time you visit this site, so please act now.


Please note further you are under no obligation. We will delete all your data on request.

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For both your and our security, we use a permission-based email server, so you need to authorize us to send you the link to this short form that will register and secure your intelLoc Copyright Verification Website in simply minutes.


Please fill in your preferred email and your first name in the boxes below:-



Note for US Residents: intelLoc records your copyright material in accordance with the Berne Convention. This copyright does not entitle you to the statutory rights afforded by registration of any original work with the USPTO. Where required or advised by your legal counsel, we strongly recommend you consider registration with the USPTO.

By using intelLoc to create a Berne Convention record, your right to create a USPTO copyright registration is not affected.